Therapy, with a side of therapy


Today consisted of therapy, followed by therapy.

I had individual DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) with my therapist I’ve bee going to for more than 2 years this morning.  Now DBT therapy is not a 2 year process.  I went through DBT traditional for the standard outpatient time.  Then I continued on and did another round because I could recite all of the skills and tools, but could not make use of them in stressful situations.  After two rounds of DBT I was doing much better.  Handling anxiety and stress effectively by using what I had been taught.  I continued to go to my therapist to be able to talk things out and keep my head in the right place.  A while back I tried transitioning to a Trauma Therapist.  Someone who can dig into my brain and try to pick out the nasty dark memories and help me make them a less significant part of how I deal with life.  Sounds fun yeah?  Trauma therapy lasted a month before I switched jobs and put it on pause until I had a stable environment again.  Then I no longer had a job and that pushed that back further.  So I went without therapy for about 3 months during one of the most stressful times of my life…bad idea.  Now I am currently seeing my DBT therapist again to keep me focused and stable and it is helping; so yay for little miracles.

After leaving individual therapy, I went straight to Physical Therapy.  I had mentioned in my first post that I have recently been in a car accident.  Set the scene…  I already have chronic back pain from arthritis but it has been manageable with minimal over the counter medicines.  I was driving to my psychiatrist appointment and was almost there.  Was in a busy area and two trucks in front of me slammed on their brakes and slid.  I was able to stop just short of hitting the truck in front of me only to be immediately slammed into from behind by another car, pushing me into the truck in front of me.  Long story short, my car was totaled and I was left with whiplash, shoulder pain from my seat belt and severe back pain.  I have been going to PT now for several weeks.  Stretch this and that, release that, lift, bend, turn… I still have to drug myself to sleep because of the back pain.  NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety pill, along with my night meds and still laying in bed for hours wishing for sleep only to wake up a few hours later in pain.  Toss, Turn, Repeat.

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