Just in: Fat kid gets picked last again.

Spoiler Alert!!!  #Project Runway  If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode, you probably should before reading this.

I have been obese since I was a small child.  My Kindergarten photo shows me well over weight; double chin to boot.  I can honestly say that nature and nurture had everything to do with starting me on the path to obesity. Most of both sides of my family are tall, “big boned”, and overweight.  I grew up in a household where you 1. Ate what was given to you and 2. Finished everything on your plate and 3. Were given something sweet after dinner as a dessert.  I can remember falling asleep at the dinner table as a child because I was not allowed to get up until my plate was finished and I refused, so there I sat.  All this piggy backed on growing up in an Alcoholic household full of turmoil where finding love from a plate instead of a person was much easier fueled my food addiction.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t blame my parents for my continued obesity.  I have my own issues with self-worth that come into play.

As most overweight adults can tell you; there is a weight discrimination that goes on in this country.  Come areas worse than others.  I am a highly qualified R.N. who has been passed over for jobs because I am obese (not that anyone is admitting that.)  I have come to live with glances, stares, whispering and giggling and I just tell myself they are petty and will get theirs one day.  I only get verbally involved when I actually hear what they say (flashback to recently, a kid at a bowling alley grabbing his friend and making a comment; to which I approached and said “You shouldn’t talk about other people” and stared at him in the eye like a lunatic before walking away.)  But, there are times when I see an injustice so horrible happening to someone that it makes me furious to the point of tears.  That brings me to tonight’s episode of Project Runway.

In tonight’s episode of Project Runway, Heidi and Tim start the show by having the contestants pick teams.  It immediately is clear that it will be boys vs. girls and after the first pick on the female team, that the girls aren’t picking for talent but yet for who they like in the sandbox.  If you have been watching you know that Ashley is overweight, purple haired, and Extremely talented having already won 2 challenges.  It comes overly apparent that she is going to get picked last even though she is much more talented than most of the other designers.  Once she is on stage, having been the last person to be picked, Heidi makes a comment about this injustice mentioning that Ashley has won 2 challenges and was picked last (leaving out the glaring fact that Amanda has been on the bottom the WHOLE time and was picked 1st.)

Why is it that we as adults are still acting like a bunch of school children?  Have you seen the statistics on obesity in this country lately?  Chances are you or someone you love could stand to lose a few pounds.  Nobody is perfect and now a days schools are teaching kids to embrace the differences in each person.  They put money into anti-bullying.  But us as adults can’t open our minds long enough to stop discriminating and putting people down?  Enough is enough.


One thought on “Just in: Fat kid gets picked last again.

  1. Great post!!! I am over weight. I did not start out over weight but due to some depression I ended up with 100 lbs of weight of stress and other issues. I used to use my food as my hugs and comfort. I have finally given that up. I now know to use other better behaviors that are healthier for me. I want to exercise because I know that will be good for my psyche but just don’t want to. I like how you say no one is perfect. I hope that you find yourself not only highly intelligent but beautiful. It takes a lot of intelligence to do the courses for RN. I admire the medical field. I know now I could not be a nurse or a doctor. I have a personality that does not do well with sickness. My empathy and sympathy are put to close together in my psyche and therefore I tend to take everything home with me. You are so right about we as adults not keeping an open mind and not accepting all the differences. I am in a training class and I feel like I get those stares. Not sure if it is just that it might be all in my mind or if it is really real….but we still live in a society where the skinny is that we all have jaded views that could use some empathy and acceptance.


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