A brief update…with briefs

A brief update on my last post about depression and anxiety holding me back from doing things this weekend:

Saturday amounted to not leaving the house.  My sister Jenna and her boyfriend and his kid came over. This is fine and good to see his kid whom I enjoy. The problem with the situation is this causes much noise and unrest in the house, especially since the boyfriend talks loudly and non-stop. I do not enjoy him so much. We did have fun playing the “Heads Up” app after several hours of unending noise I was to the point of “I love you, now go away.”


Sunday started rather joltingly for me…and for my daughter. I was asleep and my 15 year old busts into my room in tears.  Sniffling, “Mom…”. I immediately roll over open my eyes as wide as possible.  Scouring the child for signs of trauma.  “Mom I have cramps really bad…”. I snuggle her in next to me, greatful for the lack of lost body parts.  She tells the wicked tale of a started menstrual cycle and ruined undies while I question her for proper use of Midol, hydration and bowel regiment (as she gets these pains when constipated also).  My daughter had been crying hard enough that my mother came up to my 2nd floor room to investigate. Grandma offered and retrieved the heating pad and soon me and my sniffly daughter had drifted back off to sleep.

Fast forward to later that day.  The Cramps have eased and have been replaced with the insatiable need for CHOCOLATE!  Repeatedly my girl comes sweetly to me with a hug or some other Lovings only to be followed by “Moooooooommmmm…..Can we go get some Chocolate?”  To all the women reading this, who am I to deny this menstruating soul that which it desires???  So, we head off to a nearby store with an interesting list…Chocolate, new undies, and washer fluid for the car, oh and we decided since we were out to pick up more “girl” products.  There are 2 lines open, both being cashiered by teenaged boys. Here we come with all our items. He makes it through only slightly flustered. Success!

P.S.  If you have a minute and want to see some haha funny undies, look up “period panties” in your search engine.  The ones with the monsters…


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