Sleepless Nights

Accidental they said. Gone long before the sun rose its rays onto the bone chilling morning.

Weeks before. Throwing the gallons of glass to the trash man. Jim was always his favorite. Watching the smoke rise from the cigarettes. Dump the remains from the sleepless night before. Only to find it full again. 

Had it this time. One more try. One month chip!  Not another day…  Slipping back faster. Sore arm. More lies.

Days of lies and saving lives. Smiles and laughter. See you tomorrow.

Coming home to an empty house full of unseen nightmares. Too much glass. Too much smoke. Up all night. Choices made, not to be undone. 

There was no tomorrow is what they said. No matter how many calls or messages left. Couldn’t be saved. Nothing to do. Gone before the sun. Before anyone knew.

No more glass and no more smoke. No more smiles and jokes. No Good Morning hugs.  No see you later. 

All that’s left now is the tears and searing pain. As I am left here still cleaning up, a sleepless nights remains.

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