Screams in the dark…paid for!

I like Haunted Houses. I am lucky to live in an area that loves them too. There are many to choose from. Ranging from child friendly and cheap mazes to nightmarishly scary and pricy. I like the later. But for the past several years I haven’t had anyone to go with. Mom, sister, daughter all hate them.  Dad is anti-people. So when my sister called me today and said that her current boyfriend mentioned that he liked haunted houses also, I jumped at the chance. 

Now, the thought of going thru a scary place with my sister’s bf is weird. But hey, you gotta take what you can get in this family.

So we discussed and bought tickets and went to 2 haunted houses that were close together tonight. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter who’s in front of you when you enter a completely dark place where people jump out at you, you will grab that person’s hand and stay close to them.

1st place was awesome by my standards. Complete darkness. I jumped, screamed, startled, and blindly felt my way through it. The actors were great and fun. The 2nd would have been scarier had we went there first. It was very animated and things popped out of the wall moreso instead of actors. I’m not scared of a plastic alligator, or the floor vibrating, or a room full of plastic heads or dead bodies hanging from the ceiling.

We had fun. Came back and he was trying to convince my sister to go. Haha. Good luck bud. The last time I got her in a haunted house she had a panic attack less than a minute in and chickened out and left me to go alone.

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