Knock knock

Knock knock. Hello. Its me again. Your anxiety calling from within. You’ve tried to ignore me. Tried to deal. Tried to use all your fancy techniques. 

Knock knock. Hello. Its me again. I’m still here. From in that dark closet. I was able to pick the locks again. Hope you don’t mind. I was missing being able to run freely in your brain. Those meds you take sure slowed me down but I’m a fighter. Wouldn’t want to leave you sleeping safe and sound.

Knock knock. Hey!  Didn’t you just get paid?  Let’s go shopping with some friends!  Oops.  My bad. That was the rent money again.

Knock knock. Hey yeah its me again. Are you sure you don’t want to drink?  I mean taking one or two more of those can’t possibly do what you think. You’ll feel better. You’ll be happy. What could possibly go wrong? 

Knock knock. Why are you ignoring me?  Was it something that I’ve said?   I just thought maybe we could consider what it would feel like to be dead…  Well if you don’t want to die then surely we can make a deal. You cut and scratch and burn yourself and I’ll reset your head. Trust me this has worked before don’t you remember last time?

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