A squirrelly concept

I was reading my followed blogs this morning and across this post.

Squirrel Should Be Squirrely – http://wp.me/pHKER-1aV

It talks about how squirrels usually run away in the presence of humans and that’s what’s expected of them. And if they don’t then we worry that they are sick or hurt.

It struck me that we treat humans like this too. We are a wash, rinse, repeat society for the most part.  We like it when our “squirrels” stay in line and don’t Go Nuts… 😉 If someone acts in a way that is not common place for a “squirrels” of this day and age we stare and judge. Wondering why this one is not acting squirrelly enough or too squirrelly.  Test and poke and prod and medicate until that “squirrel” can act like the others.  What if that squirrel, patiently waiting for the human to pass instead of running, is the evolved one…

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